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Insanity Is What We Live For
You see, lately my insanity
Has been quite insufferable.
Pacing around in my white boxers,
White wife beater,
Greased hair and rank odor-
I find my own reasons to live
Impossibly unfaithful.
Blood stains my sheets
From sinful acts of being of
The female species, and the only
Evidence to hide it is
Layer after layer of blankets
So thick I sweat my impurities
Out at night.
The clutter in my mind is so impossible
I cant move without falling over
Reoccurring dreams of gardens and
My headless mother's body.
I can't breathe so whats the point
In trying to scream for someone to
Save me from my own insanity?
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 3
Deepest love
When the birds stop chirping
And the flowers stop blooming
And the bees stop buzzing
And the clouds stop looming
(However long it may take
                My deepest love)
When the Earth stops spinning
And the animals stop evolving
And the sun stops shining
And the planets stop evolving
(I will hold you in my arms
                My deepest love)
And when a mother stops loving
And a baby refuses to cry
And when the dark stops scaring us
And even when I die
(I will love you to my final breath
        Out to the heavens above!)
                My deepest love.
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 1 0
Ode to Secrets
Nobody must know!
This terrible bloody truth will
Be the end of me
            (The end of us!)
    The birds know it.
    The fish know it.
    OH, and we know it! But
If anyone were to find out
They would kill us.
     Separate-            -us.
     Throw us away
Because we are the scum.
The rats. The filth of the
World- liars.
(And what do liars do best?)
We cant be punished.
For we. Are. Invincible!
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 1
Little Twanny Twit
Little Twanny Twit
From Marlborow Street
Liked to kiss boys
Each one she'd meet
With her long shiny hair
And her perfect round hips
The boys couldn't help
But kiss those plump lips
But then one day
Twanny kissed a boy
Who liked to eat glue
Who's name was Roy
But when she pulled away
She soon found out
Her lips were stuck to a boy
Who looked like a trout!
She yelled and she moaned
She cried and she screamed
But nothing would wake her
From this awful dream
So word of advice
To all you girls too
Don't kiss a boy
Who likes to eat glue.
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 2 6
Poor and Broken Hearted
      Goodbye everything I once knew
    Hello uncertain lifestyle
  Why're you leaving me?
Cause you cant support me?
  Yes you can!
    I promise I will do anything!
      Just don't let me go.
    I cant handle change.
  I will find a job!
I will support the three of us.
  Mommy don't let me go.
    I will buy the groceries.
      I will pay the electricity.
    Just dont send us away to him.
  You need me.
I need you...
dont do this
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 1
I am deathly allergic to the
sound of your voice.
(when I hear it I grow weak)
I cant hold my own.
My eyes swell and water
(all on their own)
My head spins like a twister
on speed.
My breath grows short and harsh
(To the point of hyperventilation)
And my heart attacks me.
(It attacks me and begins to break
turning black and slowly falls apart from
the reast of me)
No medicine fixes it.
No remedy prevents it.
(I'm so vulnerable)
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 3 3
Apples Fall Far From the Tree
Watch this apple fall far from the tree
I am not like you
I choose this cause I am free
Ever so free, ever so new
The truth is I'm your mother
And you, I am not your daughter
Why must you hurt each other?
If you would look at me you'd see I'm treading water
Please, just stop.
Send us away if you must
I cant handle the slop
And I am filled with fear and disgust.
Leave me alone.
Youve skinned me to the bone.
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 2 1
Sonnet 1
I'm feeling so incredibly happy
Today I found out who I really am
I'm nothing but some crap on a canopy
I am nothing but a well played scam.
When Looking into mirrors nothing shows
For I am a vampire that fears the dark
I was once told I was a beautiful rose
I was told I had a certain spark
But now it is plain and easy to see
That I am nothing but a hidden sign
And knowing this makes me feel ever so free;
And knowing this makes me feel ever so fine;
I just wanted to state I am no one
Because I know my life has only begun.
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 1
From Me To You by IzzyLockett From Me To You :iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 1 2
All the Worlds a Stage
All the worlds a stage
But the lights are blinding me
All the worlds a stage
And I've got to pee
All the worlds a stage
But I forgot my line
All the worlds a stage
And I look like a swine
All the worlds a stage
But I tripped over a peg
All the worlds a stage
And I just broke my leg
All the worlds a stage
But I dont have a kiss scene
All the worlds a stage
And my Stage Manager is mean
All the worlds a stage
But my audience can't hear
All the worlds a stage
Fuck Shakespeare, I'm out of here!
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 2 8
Undo Me by IzzyLockett Undo Me :iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 5
Quasi Una Fantasia
“Azalea, I have something to tell you.”
“Jeff, I missed you so much!”
I fell into his warm body. He pulled me back and kissed me on the cheek. He grabbed my hands. His hands were trembling in my light grip. The roughness in his hands were smoothed by puddles of sweat he was emitting. His nails, as always, were perfectly smooth and polished, but even now I found a few rough edges. The pulse beating through his hands and the swallowing of saliva was the only thing I could make out. I opened his hands and traced the phrase “TELL ME”. He grabbed my hand and held it tight, practically crushing it in his grip. Until now, I had never heard Jeff cry.
“Azalea, I love you. You’re so amazing, and since you left my apartment that morning I’ve been so depressed and I realized, I need you in my life. More than I need anything else. I care about you so much and I may be the only one who does…”
Jeff let go
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 1 5
Priest Tripping
           Rockband Sucks. Or more appropriate, I suck at it. God has seemed to bless everyone with some sort of pressing-pretty-buttons-at-the-right-moment skill except for me. Probably payback for when I was six and I tried to trip a priest. Did anyone honestly expect me to behave? I mean it was Easter and I had better things to do than watch an old, wrinkly man walk daown an aisle, like stealing candy out of my mothers underwear drawer. PLUS I thought everyone else would thank me for saving them from the bordome of which Church was.
I mean IT WAS Easter! The last time I checked, you got candy on Easter! Not God!. How does candy and a big fluffy bunny = God? Answer- It doesn't. So why was I (and as I was assuming everyone else aswell) forced to go to Church? At the very least I could make things more entertaining, which led to the great fortune of my mother never letting me in a 20 foot radius of anything "holy" until last
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 10
Another normal day
"She is pregnant"
"I am not pregnant, you ho!"
"You have Hepititis!"
"Shut up, Max you SLUT!"
"Aw, its okay Bella. If you are pregnant, we wont make you marry your boyfriend like Sarah Palins daughter. What was your boyfriends name again?"
"Its Mickey, Duane. Mickey. Really Bella? Really? I mean ATLEAST you could have used protection before you had sex WITH A MOUSE!"
"I love how you arent even defending you havent had sex yet..."
"MOM! I havent had sex!!! IM NOT PREGNANT! Max is just a BIG FAT SLUT!"
"Sure... Are you using protection?"
"NO MOM! no, I am not. Would you like to know why?"
"Cause Mickey is the only man you can get?"
"Tranny please! I can get any man I want you slut!"
"Which makes you a ho. and pregnant."
"Bella, ARE you having sex?"
"OH MY GOD! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! AND when I DO have sex, I will use protection!!!"
"Whatever preggers. See you later guys, I have to go to work, I will be late. But when I get off of work I will stop by target and pick up
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 3 17
Haunted House Pic by IzzyLockett Haunted House Pic :iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 0 4 Bella by IzzyLockett Bella :iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 2 2

Random Favourites

My name is Analisse Krystyne Heatherington Sharod-Monroe, Krys to my friends. I was born in San Francisco in 1982 and died in 1996; I got run over by a trolley. If it hadn’t been so tragic it would have been really freaking funny considering how clumsy I am… was. I was walking home from school with my friends Sara and Jorge and I was handing Sara a tape and dropped it in the street. I leaned down to get it. Somehow I didn’t hear the trolley bell until it was right in front of me and I got hit. It actually didn’t hurt at all, but apparently it affected me because ... I died.
Technically I didn’t realize I was dead until I woke up on a hospital bed and noticed there was only one person in the room, and I had no idea who they were. Have you ever heard the expression ‘I must have died and gone to heaven’? Well that is actually what went through my head because apparently I had the HOTTEST doctor ever to touch this Earth (if I only realized how ironic that
:iconpeacejunkie:Peacejunkie 1 17
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
Falling forever
Feet off the ground
Head out of the clouds
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
The world rushes past
In a slow motion film
The sun shines black
And stars twinkle
Eternal midnight
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
The hands spin backwards
The clock falls down
Breaths are held
And life rushes past
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
:iconpeacejunkie:Peacejunkie 1 4
Romantiques by Danielll Romantiques :icondanielll:Danielll 28 23
Monolouge 2: Traffic Lights
"Either you'll like this or you won't but I can't move. No my legs aren't broken. No I do not need jump cables for my car. No I'm not crazy. I'm counting the traffic lights. I need 17 red lights before I can move. What? No I don't need to see a doctor, I already see a therapist twice a week.Well that was rude and unnessesary. No you don't need to call the cops!
"Well hello officer. No there isn't a problem. I just explained to the gentleman, quite politely if I might add, that I can't move until I see 17 red lights. No I don't think a ticket will be nessesary. No! I don't need to see a doctor! Oh look, there is number 17, I guess I can go now. No I'm not trying to be funny. Why do you want me to step out of the car? Oops, there's green. I better go or I will be blocking traffic, have a lovely day!"
:iconpeacejunkie:Peacejunkie 3 23
More Your Style
Sometimes I just feel
Like an outsider looking in
I can't win
This game you play with me
It shames me
That's it
I quit
Dealing with you people
And your earthly lies
That try to compromise
What I realize
And accept to be true
I need order
But you poke holes
In my rules
You tools
Try to mold me
Into something more your style
All the while
I try to be unique
And turn the other cheek
I need a break
Form all the fake
And phoney friends
Fighting to break me
To make me
Into something more your style
I just need to escape
This earthy prison
Break free of all this treason
I need a reason
To learn
And laugh
And love
And live again
Trying to hard to break these chains
To take the reigns
Of the train wreck that is my
I need the laughter
Back in my eyes
No more cries
No more tries
I need more flies
More ways to be unique
I don't want to be made into something
Something more your style
:iconpeacejunkie:Peacejunkie 1 5
Technicolor Midnight
Ding the clock stirkes 13 and all is well except I'm still stuck in this living hell. And I strive to save the peaches from the honey hive and rocks and gravel and all things frey come to steal the colors away and I saw we run away. Swin on the rope across the stream. Into a technicolor dream. And as we roll down the hill my thoughts yeild and float to thoughts of kill and murder and laughing clowns. I now know why I left this town memories too strong for me bring back stabs and jabs and slabs of unwanted hate and pain. Suede flowers and glass blue birds and me, sitting in the middle of it all. I call to higher force, no not god, but a subway car. I've gone too far a crash. I fall to a black of night. I will ignore the siren call and wait for the moon to rise and fight or flight.
:iconpeacejunkie:Peacejunkie 1 4
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Izzi Lockett
Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: G Y P S Y
Favourite genre of music: Rock. Metal. Jazz. Blues. Reggae. Bluegrass. Indie.
Favourite photographer: L. H I N E
Favourite cartoon character: S P O N G E B O B
Personal Quote: [[ Not everyone can be a hero ]]
  • Listening to: Fantasi- Timbuktu
  • Reading: Great Gatsby/ The Yiddish Policemans Union
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: N/A
hot chocolate heals the soul


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